Drug Crime Lawyers Shenandoah Virginia

When it comes to drug crimes, every states has its own code to create the severity of crimes and the suitable penalties for a sentence. Though, since drug enforcement is a state priority, the federal government has also institute its own criminal law for drugs which are outlined in Controlled Substance Act. These categories include:

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing

Drug crimes vary broadly based on the drugs which are involved in the charge and other aspects like severity of the alleged crime for instance, drug possession crimes usually bring minor penalties than drug delivery and trafficking charges. If you have been accused of drug crimes in Shenandoah Virginia, you will probably face serious consequences. The possible way to fight these charges is to get the help of qualified Virginia drug crime lawyers in Shenandoah.

Manufacturing, Trade, and Circulation of Drug Crimes in Shenandoah Virginia

Prohibited drugs are divided into six different classes also called as schedules based on their severity of abuse and addiction. The drugs in schedule I and II are considered the most unsafe and addictive with no recognized medical use. Though the controlled substance in schedule V and VI have a very little risk of dependence and related medical usages.

Drug crimes which include sales, distribution, manufacturing and possession of drugs is banned in Virginia according to code 18.2-248. These drug crimes are among the most severe drug crimes controlled by Virginia criminal justice system and carry some of the severest penalties as a result. If you are found with a large sufficient quantity of a Schedule I or II drug which is considered proper for sale and delivery, you might be sentenced of a felony and be required to face a prison time which ranges from 5-40 years and possibly pay a fine of $500,000

This code also outlines that a felony punishment includes a fine of $1m, and a prison term of up to life can be carried upon those individuals who have been found guilty for possessing the following outlined drugs in the certain quantities.

  • 100 grams of heroin
  • 500 grams of cocaine
  • 10 grams of methamphetamine

As is obvious, manufacture, distribution and sale drug charges must be taken very severely, even for first-time criminals, as it can instantly result in a long prison punishment along with overwhelming fines. In such situation Virginia drug crime lawyers can support you to fight these drug charges through best defense accessible while keeping your legal privileges.

Possession Drug Crimes in Shenandoah Virginia

The punishments will differ liable on the type of drug found in your ownership and its quantity. The punishment for controlled substance includes in schedule I and II is considered as class 5 felony crimes while those includes in III are considered as class I misdemeanor. The drugs which are included in IV are less addictive and dangerous therefore considered as class 2 misdemeanor. The controlled substance in schedule V is considered as class 3 misdemeanor while those on VI are of class 4.