Embezzlement Hanover Virginia Criminal Defenses Lawyers

Embezzlement Criminal Defenses Lawyers in, Hanover, Virginia

Criminal offenses are seriously confronted in Commonwealth of Virginia including Hanover County. Hanover County, VA has very stringent laws against criminal like Embezzlement. Embezzlement is considered very serious offense in nature.  Generally, embezzlement is defined as fraud of taking or stealing personal property mostly which is money, that someone has entrusted to that person. In offense like embezzlement it doesn’t not matter whether the convict is keeping the property or have transferred it to another person. Handling such a matter all own your own can be tough and if not fought properly can cause more trouble.

Embezzlement Laws in Hanover County, VA

The Hanover County for criminal offenses like embezzlement follows the statutes set under the Title 18.2. ‘Crimes and Offenses Generally’ in the Chap 5. ‘Crimes Against Property’ of the Code of Virginia § 18.2-111. Embezzlement deemed larceny; indictment. According to the Code § 18.2-111 embezzlement is deemed as larceny when:

“If any person wrongfully and fraudulently use, dispose of, conceal or embezzle any money, bill, note, check, order, draft, bond, receipt, bill of lading or any other personal property, tangible or intangible, which he shall have received for another or for his employer, principal or bailor, or by virtue of his office, trust, or employment, or which shall have been entrusted or delivered to him by another or by any court, corporation or company, he shall be guilty of embezzlement. Proof of embezzlement shall be sufficient to sustain the charge of larceny. Any person convicted hereunder shall be deemed guilty of larceny and may be indicted as for larceny and upon conviction shall be punished as provided in § 18.2-95 or § 18.2-96.”

Various sections of the Code of Virginia cover different aspects of embezzlement such as the Code of Virginia § 19.2-245 states the charges against the embezzlement committed without or within the Commonwealth Virginia and its consequences. Whereas the Code § 19.2-361 discusses another aspect of the embezzlement related to intentional failure of returning fines collected by the officers.

This complexity of the different aspects of embezzlement and the varying indictments suggests that when convicted with such a charge in Hanover, Virginia, one should immediately consult a criminal defense lawyer. cause further delay

Penalties against Embezzlement

Conviction of embezzlement charges penalties under § 18.2-95 and § 18.2-96. This means a person is proved of larceny will face jail of not less than 1 year and more than 20 years and may face a fine up to $2500.

Criminal Defense Lawyers for Embezzlement in Hanover, VA

Criminal defense lawyers are aware of the courtroom atmosphere in Hanover County. For criminal offense of such complicated nature like embezzlement which has many aspects can cause you counts that are not easy to defend. Therefore, when charged with embezzlement you consult a lawyer who is experienced in handling cases of embezzlement in Hanover County, VA. Our aggressive lawyers can be the best legal representatives for you, and assist you in reducing the penalties.